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The TRIO is a three-position, multi-use, multi-range treble control, providing powerful & precise removal of high treble harmonics, without any affect upon mid-range or bass frequencies. Based upon the instrument's range and the player's preferences, one of three treble frequency ranges (high, std or low) is chosen during installation. Each range then offers three toggle circuits: true bypass (or virtual tone pot loading), a warm treble cut, and a cool treble cut. The 3/8”-32 dia.x 3/8” medium-length USA standard-size bushing (not a 1/4" mini!) replaces standard tone pots, and mounts through all surfaces up to 0.3" thick. Compact polymer module: 0.875" dia.x 0.825" behind-panel depth. The TRIO is compatible with passive high-impedance guitars & basses with two "volume-tone" knobs (Tele, P-Bass), three "volume-tone-tone" knobs (Strat), or four "volume-tone-volume-tone" knobs (Gibson). Use one TRIO per volume control.

* NOT FOR "Volume-Volume-Tone" controls (J-Bass, Flying V, etc) *

Model T-3 List $61.25  Street Retail $49.00
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