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The ToneStyler DUO SIX is a six-position EQ control featuring two cables & two independent tone circuits, operated simultaneously using one standard tone knob.  The deeper neck pickup's circuit ranges from TRUE BYPASS to .047µF; the brighter bridge pickup's circuit ranges from TRUE BYPASS to .022µF.  These are the same min-max EQ ranges as previously-featured in all variations of our BASS DUO SIX controls.

The bright tonality of TRUE BYPASS switch position #6 may be optionally-configured for a warmer "virtual tone pot loading", by adding the included parts to your volume pot's terminals.  Connect as shown in this PDF: Virtual Tone Pot Kit

New features for 2021:  Within these traditional tone pot capacitor ranges, the dual circuits have been precisely re-voiced from bright to dark, in five complementary audio-taper tone steps.   This refinement now allows both cables to be connected together in parallel to create a single-circuit ToneStyler SUB-BASS control, ranging way down to .069µF… or alternately, connected together in series to create a single-circuit ToneStyler MID-RANGE control, adjusting down to only .015µF.  These two optional EQ ranges enjoy the same uniform audio-taper tone spacing per step, as when only one cable is used.

The DUO SIX is 100% compatible with passive high-impedance pickup basses & guitars, with three-knob "volume-volume-tone" controls, such as Fender's J-Bass and most Gretsch models.  Use ONE Duo Six per TWO volume controls.

Alternately, the DUO SIX may be installed in a single-volume-knob bass or guitar, such as Fender’s P-Bass and Telecaster.  By connecting one or both cables to the volume pot, the installer’s choice between four contrasting tone ranges is easily made:   .069µF  .047µF   .022µF  or  .015µF.  This versatility allows one DUO SIX to be shared and transferred within a variety of guitars and basses with many different control plans, as may be required for recording or live performances.

1/4" solid "D-flat" tip fits ONLY 1/4” hole USA set-screw knobs… NOT PUSH-ON OR METRIC KNOBS!   3/8”-32 dia. x 5/16" length USA bushing mounts thru surfaces up to 3/16” thick, such as metal control plates, pickguards, and typical solid-wood & laminated-top thicknesses.  Compact polymer module with 0.875" dia. and 0.8125" behind-panel depth (±5%) allows an easy drop-in swap for a standard tone pot, with no fitting or modification required.  100% passive analog circuity - no batteries - zero noise!  Made in U.S.A.

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