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The 2021 GUITAR TEN is a ten-position EQ control featuring eight hi-cut / mid-cut resonance filters, plus a "virtual tone pot" loading circuit and true bypass. Maximum capacitance: .022µF. 24-fine-spline split-shaft tip fits USA push-on knobs, plus 6mm & 1/4” hole set-screw knobs. 3/8”-32 dia. x 1/2” length USA bushing mounts through all surfaces up to 3/8” thick. Compact polymer module: 0.875" dia.x 0.8125" behind-panel depth. The G-10 is compatible with passive high-impedance guitars with two "volume-tone" knobs (Tele, PRS, LP Jr), three "volume-tone-tone" knobs (Strat), or four "volume-tone-volume-tone" knobs (Les Paul, SG, ES-335).  Use one G-10 per volume control.  Made in U.S.A. Includes mounting hardware and 1/2" hex nut driver.

*** For sales outside the U.S.A., please order from an authorized international Stellartone reseller ***

* NOT FOR "Volume-Volume-Tone", Flying V, or Gretsch (use D-6 ) *
* Does NOT FIT Epiphone 18-coarse-spline metric push-on knobs *

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