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Stellartone ToneStyler BASS SIX

The BASS SIX is a six-position EQ control featuring five hi-cut / mid-cut resonance filters, plus true bypass. Maximum capacitance: .047µF.

The BASS SIX kit includes one optional "Virtual Tone Pot Loading" kit.  If the ToneStyler's clockwise "true bypass" voicing is too bright for your preferences, just add these small parts to your volume pot while upgrading with the ToneStyler.  The true bypass circuit position has now been replaced with the original "tone pot loading" tonality.  Connect as shown in this PDF:  PDF wiring diagram

24-fine-spline multi-use tip fits USA push-on knobs, plus 6mm & 1/4” set-screw knobs. 3/8”-32 dia.x 1/2” MID-length USA bushing mounts through all surfaces up to 3/8” thick. Compact polymer module: 0.875" dia.x 0.825" behind-panel depth. The B-6 is compatible with passive high-impedance basses with two "volume-tone" knobs (P-Bass), or four "volume-tone-volume-tone" knobs (RIC). Use one B-6 per volume control.

* NOT FOR "Volume-Volume-Tone", J-Bass, or Thunderbird (use B-D6)*
* Does NOT FIT Epiphone 18-coarse-spline metric push-on knobs *

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