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Stellartone 4x4 Strat Kit, w/GUITAR TEN, white pickguard, white knobs & tips

Replaces a Fender Stratocaster 11-hole S-S-S pickguard.

The upper 4-way Telecaster lever switch provides instant pickup selection of solo neck, parallel neck & middle, solo middle, or series neck & middle... plus the lower lever switch's bridge pickup selection.

The lower 4-way Telecaster lever switch provides instant pickup selection of bridge OFF, bridge in parallel with the upper lever switch's pickup selection, bridge solo, or bridge in series with the upper lever switch's pickup selection.

The combination of the two 4-way lever switches provides thirteen pickup combinations: five standard Strat parallel pickup positions; two "seven-way" Strat parallel pickup positions ("Tele" & "All Three"); six series & series+parallel pickup combinations. No "out of phase" pickup combinations.

Kits includes choice of a ToneStyler GUITAR SIX or GUITAR TEN, a Stellartone custom pickguard with matching finish screws, two Oak-Grigsby 4-way switches, a CTS 250k master volume pot, a Switchcraft output jack, two Strat knobs & two switch tips, Belden silver-plated 24 AWG hookup wire, shrink tubes, hardware, step-by step wiring instructions, and switching matrix chart.

Available standard pickguard colors:  White (W), Parchment (P), Cream (C) or Black (B).  Add $6 for upgrade pickguard color: White Pearl (WP), Parchment Pearl (PP), Cream Pearl (CP), Black Pearl (BP), Mint Green (MG) or Tortoise Shell (TS).  Includes one pair of Strat volume & tone knobs, and one pair of switch tips in White (WK), Parchment (PK), Mint Green (GK), Cream (CK) or Black (BK).

** For high-impedance passive pickups / Pickups are not included **

4x4 Strat Kit, including ToneStyler GUITAR TEN, white 3-ply pickguard, white knobs & switch tips:

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PDF wiring diagram and switching matrix chart

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