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Stellartone ToneStyler BASS DUO SIX SHORT

The BASS DUO SIX SHORT is a six-position control featuring two cables & two tone circuits, operated simultaneously using one standard tone knob. The deeper neck pickup's circuit ranges from TRUE BYPASS to .047µF; the brighter bridge pickup's circuit ranges from TRUE BYPASS to .022µF.

The BASS DUO SIX SHORT kit includes two optional "Virtual Tone Pot Loading" kits.  If the ToneStyler's clockwise "true bypass" voicing is too bright for your preferences, just add these small parts to your volume pot while upgrading with the ToneStyler.  The true bypass circuit position has now been replaced with the original "tone pot loading" tonality.  Connect as shown in this PDF:  PDF wiring diagram

1/4” solid-shaft tip with "D flat" fits only USA 1/4” set-screw knobs. 3/8”-32 dia.x 5/16” SHORT-length USA bushing mounts through thin surfaces (max 3/16") such as pickguards and metal plates. Compact polymer module: 0.875" dia.x 0.825" behind-panel depth. For high-impedance passive basses with three-knob "volume-volume-tone" controls, such as Fender's J-Bass. Use one per two volume controls.

Model B-D6-S  List $155.00    Street Retail $124.00

LOW INVENTORY ALERT:  Due to COVID-19 delays at our suppliers, new manufacturing has been suspended. Current inventories may be depleted before new stock becomes available.  To avoid a potential "sold out" status, please plan ahead for your summer upgrade projects!

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